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Hello everyone.


I am sure that everyone who listens to weather reports on TV would have noticed that Camden can get quite cold during the winter months……sometimes temperatures plummet to zero degrees in the early morning hours. However, may I quickly add, that even when Camden shivers it never loses its appeal for visitors who regularly come to stay to enjoy the township’s numerous attractions, delightful restaurants and exciting shopping……not to mention the many sport, cultural and leisure events which are held throughout the year ….from Quilt Shows to Equine Championships.

In my previous newsletter I was sad to report that Lucy, our beautiful white pony passed away. On a happier note, however, we now have Millie, a most vivacious Australian Kelpie, who came from a farm in Young. It seems that while Millie is beautifully bred as both parents are champion working dogs, she would rather spend her time cuddling up to humans than rounding up sheep.

Well, it’s certainly a case of the sheep’s loss is our gain.


Millie is only 15 months old and quite gorgeous…..although she still needs to learn a few manners – like not taking off with my slippers or my gloves.

In the pic above she is only 13 months old….she was born on April 10, 2018. And while Millie has the most endearing facial expressions – so you can forgive her anything –  she has another fabulous quality: she loves looking after our chooks. She spends hours with them, watching over them, and when it’s time for the chooks to go to bed, she will gently herd them into their pen.

I am also including a pic of Murphy….after all, he was here first. His personality is quite different to Millie’s….while she can get quite intense and focused, Murphy is ever playful, and ever his own ”person”. One of the best things for me is how much our guests love them both. Sometimes I think that life here at Camden Hillview could really  not get any better.

Best regards to everyone, and please travel safe. And remember, you will never be disappointed if you include Camden, and the Macarthur region in your travel plans.











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