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Hello everyone.


I never cease to be amazed at how interesting most of our guests are…..partly because of where in the world or Australia they come from, and partly because of what they do.

Just recently we were fortunate to welcome back a professional photographer who resides in Coffs Harbour. His reason for coming to Camden Hillview was to photograph AV Jennings homes – both the interiors and exteriors – for catalogues etc. While he stayed with us he photographed our home and surroundings too, and some photos were so amazing we turned them into pictures for our walls. Below are some examples of his photos which he took from the back of our home, looking over the paddocks towards Camden town.  I also sent a couple of the photos to our local newspapers because they are so beautiful and uniquely artistic.

The first photo is of St John’s spire embraced in a glorious sunset. The second is of an eerie rainbow which made a brief appearance just before nightfall.



Below is another example of how beautiful the sky and cloud formations appear over Camden Hillview. This photo was taken in the early hours of a summer’s morning.





I know I have often mentioned how delightful our bird life is, how cute our chickens are – especially now with the addition of six gorgeous baby chicks, and how lovable our horses are. Well, last year we acquired a ”rescue” horse which we called Lucy…..a beautiful all white horse, very old and with several medical issues. We got her better and a lot happier. But, unfortunately, she passed away only this week. I wanted to take this opportunity to pay tribute to her, for she was truly lovely, and also to tell our guests who came to know and love her.

Here is her photo.

As always, we look forward to welcoming you to Camden Hillview, and assure your stay will be as comfortable and relaxing as you would hope. Our beautifully maintained unit is perfectly located only a couple of minutes from Camden, and is quite central to many of NSW’s best loved destinations.

Take care,